Section 2-8-128

Eligibility to vote in referendum; question before voters.

Any referendum conducted under the provisions of this article may be held either on an area or statewide basis, as may be determined by the certified organization before the referendum is called. The referendum, either on an area or statewide basis, may be participated in by all producers engaged in the production of the agricultural commodity on a commercial basis who shall be subject to any assessments levied under this article and who produced the agricultural commodity in any of the three crop years immediately preceding the referendum. In the referendum, individuals eligible for participation shall vote upon the question of whether or not there shall be levied an annual assessment for a period of three years in the amount set forth in the call for the referendum on the agricultural product covered by the referendum.

(Acts 1957, No. 108, p. 142, §9; Act 2002-406, p. 1023, §1.)