Section 2-8-131

Hours, voting places, rules and regulations, etc., for referendum; notices to be given.

The hours, voting places and rules and regulations for any referendum authorized in this article with respect to any of the agricultural commodities herein referred to and the area in which such referendum shall be held shall be established and determined by the organization of the commercial growers and producers of such agricultural commodity duly certified by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries as provided in this article. The said referendum date, area, hours, voting places and rules and regulations with respect to the holding of such referendum shall be published by such organization conducting the same through the medium of the public press in the State of Alabama at least 30 days before the holding of such referendum, and direct written notice thereof shall likewise be given to farm organizations within the State of Alabama and to each county agent in any county in which such agricultural product is grown. Such notice shall likewise contain a statement of the amount of annual assessment proposed to be levied, which shall not exceed the amount specified in Section 2-8-126, and shall likewise state the method by which such assessment shall be collected and how the proceeds thereof shall be administered and the purposes to which the same shall be applied, which purposes shall be in keeping with the provisions of this article.

(Acts 1957, No. 108, p. 142, §12.)