Section 2-8-161

Collection of assessment; deductions for expenses.

In the event the required number of egg producers approve, by a referendum as provided in this article, the levying of an assessment upon the sale of hens for a promotional program, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries shall, within 30 days, notify in writing every person engaged in the business of selling hens for the purpose of dressing, processing or reselling to processors, whether said buyers [sellers] are located within the State of Alabama or not, that on or after the date designated in such notice, which shall not be less than 30 nor more than 60 days after the mailing of such notice by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, that the amount of the assessment levied pursuant to the referendum shall be added by all such sellers of hens to the sale price thereof where such hens are purchased within the area covered by the referendum where such hens are sold for commercial processing or where such hens are to be resold for that purpose. On or before the tenth day of each calendar month, all assessments so added by such seller shall be remitted to the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, by the seller. The books and records of all such sellers of hens subject to the assessment as levied under this article shall at all times during regular business hours be open for inspection by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries or his duly authorized representatives or agents for the purpose of ascertaining the accuracy of amounts remitted under this article. The Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries shall be entitled to deduct three percent of all sums remitted to the Department of Agriculture and Industries under this article to defray expenses incident to collection and administration thereof. The amount thus deducted by the commissioner for expenses incident to the administration of this article shall be paid into the State Treasury to the credit of the Agricultural Fund.

(Acts 1963, No. 351, p. 844, §12; Acts 1982, 2nd Ex. Sess., No. 82-768, p. 246, §1.)