Section 2-8-164

Expenditure of assessments.

The funds derived from any assessments levied upon the sale of hens as authorized under this article shall be used and expended by the certified association, after such funds are remitted to it by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, for the purpose of promoting and stimulating, by advertising and other methods, the increased use and sale of eggs and egg products, and such funds may also be used for the financing or contributing toward the financing of research, experimental and educational programs for the efficient and economical production, distribution, processing and marketing of eggs and egg products. Any such certified association may enter into cooperative agreements with appropriate agencies of any public or private institution or organization, and funds derived from assessments to the extent agreed upon and approved may be contributed to such public or private institution or agency for such research, experimental and educational work as it may require for such work so conducted and performed pursuant to such an agreement. Any certified association may also formulate and establish a plan for advertising and sales promotion; and, to carry out such a promotional program, agreements for this purpose may be entered into with advertising and public relations agencies or organizations. Before any funds received as assessments under the provisions of this article are disbursed and expended for the purposes authorized in this section, the certified association shall prepare and formulate its promotional program on an annual basis, and said program shall be submitted to the State Board of Agriculture and Industries for its approval. Any funds expended by the certified association not authorized by the promotional program previously approved shall be deemed an unauthorized and illegal expenditure of such funds. Any funds approved for expenditure for a promotional program as authorized under this article are hereby appropriated for disbursement and expenditure by said certified association to carry out any such approved promotional program or programs, and it shall not be necessary for the Legislature to make any specific or general appropriation for such disbursements or expenditures, nor shall such disbursements or expenditures be subject to the budget and allotment requirements of Article 4 of Chapter 4 of Title 41 of this Code, and such disbursements and expenditures shall not be restricted or subject to any other requirements for general or special appropriations.

(Acts 1963, No. 351, p. 844, §15.)