Section 2-8-278

Eligibility to vote in referendum; question to be voted on.

Any referendum conducted under the provisions of this article may be held on a statewide basis pursuant to rules and regulations adopted for the holding of such referendum. All producers of catfish who shall be subject to any assessments levied under the provisions of this article shall be entitled to vote in the referendum; provided, that only catfish producers who purchase catfish feed in this state in the year immediately preceding and not less than 30 days prior to this referendum shall be eligible to participate in this referendum. However, the certified association may request of the catfish producer such additional information as may be required to verify the eligibility of the producer to vote. Such data or information may include a certification from the county extension agent's office or the United States Soil Conservation Service office. In such referendum, individuals so eligible for participation therein shall vote upon the question of whether there shall be levied an assessment for a period of five years in an amount set forth in the call for such referendum, which amount shall not exceed the limitations prescribed by this article.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-587, p. 961, §9.)