Section 20-2-212

Controlled substances prescription database program; powers and duties of department; trust fund; committee membership and meetings.

The department is hereby authorized to establish, create, and maintain a controlled substances prescription database program. In order to carry out its responsibilities under this article, the department is hereby granted the following powers and authority:

(1) To adopt regulations, in accordance with the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act, governing the establishment and operation of a controlled substances prescription database program.

(2) To receive and to expend for the purposes stated in this article funds in the form of grants, donations, federal matching funds, interagency transfers, and appropriated funds designated for the development, implementation, operation, and maintenance of the controlled substances prescription database. The funds received pursuant to this subdivision shall be deposited in a new fund that is hereby established as a separate special revolving trust fund in the State Treasury to be known as the Alabama State Controlled Substance Database Trust Fund. No monies shall be withdrawn or expended from the fund for any purpose unless the monies have been appropriated by the Legislature and allocated pursuant to this article. Any monies appropriated shall be budgeted and allocated pursuant to the Budget Management Act in accordance with Article 4 (commencing with Section 41-4-80) of Chapter 4 of Title 41, and only in the amounts provided by the Legislature in the general appropriations act or other appropriations act.

(3) To enter into one or more contracts with the State Board of Pharmacy for the performance of designated operational functions for the controlled substances prescription database, including, but not limited to, the receipt, collection, input, and transmission of controlled substances prescription data and such other operational functions as the department may elect.

(4) To create a Controlled Substances Prescription Database Advisory Committee. The mission of the advisory committee is to consult with and advise the State Health Officer on matters related to the establishment, maintenance, and operation of the database, access to the database information, how access is to be regulated, and security of information contained in the database. The committee shall consist of one representative designated by each of the following organizations:

a. The Medical Association of the State of Alabama.

b. The Alabama Dental Association.

c. The Alabama Pharmacy Association.

d. The Alabama Veterinary Medicine Association.

e. The State Health Officer, or his or her designee.

f. The Alabama Hospital Association.

g. The Executive Director of the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy.

h. The Executive Director of the Board of Medical Examiners.

i. The Alabama Optometric Association.

j. One representative from each of the certifying boards established under the Alabama Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

k. The Alabama Medicaid Agency.

l. The Alabama Podiatry Association.

m. The Alabama Department of Mental Health.

(5) If a member of the Controlled Substances Prescription Database Advisory Committee is unable to attend a meeting, the organization which appointed that member may designate one of its employees or agents as a proxy. A proxy may participate in all deliberations of the committee and vote on all questions considered by the advisory committee. Designations of a proxy must be in writing, must specify by name the individual who will serve as proxy, and must specify the date of the meeting at which the proxy is authorized to serve. There must be a separate written proxy designation for each meeting at which a proxy will serve.

(6) The membership of the committee shall be inclusive and reflect the racial, gender, geographic, urban/rural, and economic diversity of the state. The committee shall annually report to the Legislature by the second legislative day of each regular session the extent to which the committee has complied with the diversity provisions provided for in this subdivision.

(7) Members of the Controlled Substances Prescription Database Advisory Committee may participate in a meeting by means of conference telephone, video conference, or similar communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting may hear each other at the same time. Participation by such means shall constitute presence in person at a meeting for all purposes, including the establishment of a quorum. Telephone or video conference or similar communications equipment shall also allow members of the public the opportunity to simultaneously listen to or observe the meetings.

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