Section 20-2A-59

Criminal background check of prospective officers, employees, etc.

(a) The commission, prior to appointment, employment, or service for a licensee, shall require all officers, employees, contractors, and other individuals performing work of any character who would have access to cannabis, a medical cannabis facility, or related equipment or supplies, to submit to a state and national criminal background check. The commission shall determine the manner in which fingerprints of the individuals shall be submitted to the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency along with a sufficient fee required to perform the criminal history records check by the agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Notwithstanding any state law to the contrary, all records related to any criminal background check conducted pursuant to this subsection shall be accessible and made available, upon request, by the commission.

(b) If the criminal background check of a prospective officer, employee, or contractor indicates a pending charge or conviction within the past five years for a controlled substance-related felony or a controlled substance-related misdemeanor, a licensee may not appoint, hire, or contract with the prospective officer, employee, or contractor without written permission of the commission; provided, however, a licensee shall not consider any conviction overturned on appeal or any charge that has been expunged pursuant to Chapter 27 of Title 15.

(c) Each licensee shall enter all transactions, current inventory, and other information into the statewide seed-to-sale tracking system in accordance with rules adopted by the commission and the department.

(Act 2021-450, §1.)