Section 21-4-23

Registration and voting aids.

(a) The appropriate election officials in the several counties of this state shall make available registration and voting aids for handicapped and elderly individuals in state elections. These aids shall include, but are not limited to:

(1) Instructions, printed in large type, conspicuously displayed at each voter registration site and polling place, sufficient to provide hearing impaired and seriously visually impaired individuals with adequate information as to how and where they may register and vote.

(2) Paper ballots, available at each polling place, for the use of voters who would otherwise be prevented from voting because of their inability to operate a voting machine.

(3) Absentee ballots, available to any handicapped or elderly individual who, because of handicap or age, is unable to go to the polling facility in a state election. The deadlines for requesting and submitting an absentee ballot under this subsection shall not be earlier than the latest deadlines prescribed by law for other persons voting by absentee ballot.

(4) The opportunity for any handicapped or elderly individual who, because of handicap or age, requires assistance in casting a vote, to select a person of his or her choice to accompany such individual into the polling place to assist in the casting of the vote.

(b) The appropriate election officials of each county shall issue public notice in each voting precinct of the requirement for and the availability of these registration and voting aids, which notice shall be notification for all handicapped and elderly individuals. This notice shall be issued as early as practicable, but in any case not later than 60 days before any state election or the registration deadline for such election.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-234, p. 133, §4.)