Section 21-4-4

Standards and specifications for public buildings and facilities - Applicability.

(a) The standards and specifications prescribed by the fire marshal, as authorized in this article, shall apply to all buildings and facilities used by the public which are constructed in whole or in part by the use of state, county, or municipal funds, or the funds of any political subdivision of the state. All such buildings and facilities constructed in this state after October 10, 1975, from any one of these funds or any combination thereof shall conform to each of the standards and specifications prescribed therein, and also any standards and specifications prescribed as supplementary thereto, as authorized in Section 21-4-6.

(b) Such standards and specifications shall be adhered to in those buildings and facilities under construction on October 10, 1975, unless a written waiver thereof is issued pursuant to Section 21-4-5. If the authority responsible for the construction determines that the construction has reached a state where compliance is impractical, and applies to the fire marshal or the Director of the Division of Construction Management of the Department of Finance for a waiver, such officer or officers shall issue the requested waiver.

(Acts 1965, No. 224, p. 315, §1; Acts 1975, No. 1210, p. 2524, §1.)