Section 21-9-14

Office to provide information regarding Americans with Disabilities Act; toll-free telephone number; performance of duties; immunity.

(a) There shall be established at the Department of Rehabilitation Services a toll-free telephone number in an office staffed by an assistant or deputy attorney general to provide information on the rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Attorney General shall appoint either an assistant attorney general or deputy attorney general to staff the office, who shall have experience and knowledge in disability law and related issues. The duties of the office shall include, but not be limited to the following: Public information; referral; public education; training; data collection; and analysis. All records of the office shall be confidential.

(b) All public relations material of the office shall identify the office as an office of an assistant or deputy attorney general. The office may develop forms, records, documents, and other materials as it may deem necessary to perform its duties. The assistant or deputy attorney general shall make an annual report to the Legislature, the Attorney General, and to the Alabama Disability Commission.

(c) The assistant or deputy attorney general and the office staff are prohibited from practicing law and shall have the same immunities against civil damages in the performance of their duties as for other employees or assistants of the Attorney General.

(Act 98-255, p. 422, §§1-3.)