Section 22-1-12

Cardiac arrest survival.

(a) The Department of Public Health shall establish a comprehensive cardiac arrest survival plan for the training, credentialing, and certification of primary cardiac care providers in the use of semiautomatic external defibrillators based on national guidelines for life-saving interventions of persons suffering sudden, non-traumatic cardiac arrest promulgated by the National Institutes of Health and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

(b) All funds from the appropriation in Act 99-372 of the 1999 Regular Session shall be used to assist in the purchase or acquisition of semiautomatic external defibrillators and training for emergency medical care providers. To be eligible for assistance, emergency medical care providers shall meet standards established by the department.

(c) A Cardiac Arrest Survival Commission consisting of the State Health Officer, the State Emergency Medical Director, three members appointed by the Senate President Pro Tempore, three members appointed by the Speaker of the House, two members appointed by the Governor, and one member appointed by the Alabama Chapter of the American Heart Association shall make all awards of assistance by majority vote. The State Health Officer shall serve as chair of the commission. Assistance may be in the form of equipment awarded outright or purchased with matching funds from the provider. The commission shall establish by majority vote the methodology for making awards to eligible providers.

(Act 99-372, p. 600, §§1, 3.)