Section 22-10-3

Summary destruction of property without compensation.

When such nuisance consists of one or more of the diseased animals mentioned in this chapter, or of insanitary clothing or bedding, furniture, vehicles, containers, receptacles or appliances, or of unwholesome or decayed or infected meats, fish, fruits or other foods or foodstuffs, medicines, drugs or beverages or consists of personal property of small value and which nuisance, in the opinion of the county board of health, should be abated by destroying rather than curing, cleansing or disinfecting the animal or animals or thing or material involved; or consists of equipment which by reason of its nature cannot be used without being such a nuisance; or consists of a privy of an insanitary or improper type, the county board of health shall, if after a careful investigation of the facts it considers such a course necessary for the protection of the public health, adjudicate such animal or animals, or things or material involved or such privy, as the case may be, to be such nuisance and order its summary destruction without compensation to the owner thereof; and thereupon, the county health officer shall proceed with such destruction in such manner as reasonably to avoid danger of infection.

(Acts 1919, No. 658, p. 909; Code 1923, §1138; Code 1940, T. 22, §77.)