Section 22-10B-3


(a) The Alabama Sickle Cell Oversight and Regulatory Commission shall be designated as the agency to insure the delivery of sickle cell services pursuant to Section 22-10B-5 to affected persons in all counties in Alabama and assist in establishing geographical service delivery boundaries. The commission shall promulgate guidelines for creating uniformity in the delivery of services and the management of statewide programs.

(b) The commission shall also promulgate rules pursuant to the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act for handling complaints regarding service and management of statewide programs and addressing any other discrepancies brought to the attention of the commission. The commission shall not have the authority to promulgate rules regarding medical care. Any rule promulgated shall not be construed to establish a standard of care for physicians licensed to practice medicine.

(Acts 1996, No. 96-727, p. 1219, §3; Act 2000-697, p. 1420, §1; Act 2015-317, §1.)