Section 22-10B-5

Sickle cell services.

The sickle cell services shall include all of the following:

(1) Public and professional health education which shall be provided by persons specially trained for the task.

(2) Screening of all newborns within a designated area for sickle cell disease by accurate laboratory techniques.

(3) Genetic counseling and decision-making counseling which shall be offered to all parents of infants who are affected with Sickle Cell Disease and to those parents and patients at risk of having other children affected with this disease.

(4) Medical referral and follow-up which shall consist of a prompt definitive diagnosis of patients found to have medically significant hemoglobin and the medical management of painful episodes, infections, and other complications which shall be provided by physicians and other medical professionals.

(5) Psychosocial support services which shall be provided to help patients affected with Sickle Cell Disease to live a happy and successful life.

(Acts 1996, No. 96-727, p. 1219, §5.)