Section 22-11A-53

Notification of positive test result; counseling; referral to appropriate health care services; explanation of individual responsibility.

An individual tested shall be notified of a positive test result by the physician ordering the test, his designee, a physician designated by the applicant or by the Department of Public Health. Such notification shall include:

(1) Face-to-face post-test counseling on the meaning of the test results, the possible need for additional testing, and the need to eliminate behavior which may spread the disease to others;

(2) Information as to the availability of appropriate health care services, including mental health care, and appropriate social and support services; and

(3) Explanation of the benefits of locating, testing and counseling any individual to whom the infected individual may have exposed the HIV virus and a full description of the services of public health with respect to locating and counseling all such individuals.

(Acts 1991, No. 91-120, p. 140, §2(d).)