Section 22-11A-65

Monitoring of practice of infected health care worker.

The State Health Officer shall cause the infected health care worker's practice to be reviewed at intervals established by the expert review panel but not less than annually. The review shall verify the compliance with any restrictions or conditions on the infected health care worker's practice as established pursuant to subsection (f) of Section 22-11A-63. For infected health care workers for whom no restrictions have previously been necessary, the review shall determine if, based upon factors identified in subsection (c) of Section 22-11A-63, restrictions are necessary. The findings of any review shall be forwarded to the State Health Officer pursuant to Section 22-11A-63 who shall forward evidence of noncompliance with previously established restrictions to the appropriate licensing board or to the employer of the infected health care worker if he or she does not have a professional license. If the review determines that practice restrictions may be necessary for an infected health care worker for whom practice restrictions had not been previously necessary, the State Health Officer shall convene an expert review panel as provided in Section 22-11A-63.

(Acts 1993, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 93-846, p. 57, §6.)