Section 22-11A-9

Tuberculosis cases to be reported; contents of report; reports confidential.

Any physician who diagnoses or treats a case of active tuberculosis, the administrator of any hospital, dispensary, correctional facility or other institution in which there is a case of active tuberculosis, the person in charge of any laboratory performing a positive test for active or suspected active tuberculosis, and pharmacist dispensing anti-tuberculosis medication shall report this information to the State Health Officer, the county health officer, or their designee, in the manner provided in Section 22-11A-1. These reports shall include, at a minimum, the name of the patient and the name and address of the physician. The reports required by this section shall be confidential and shall not be subject to public inspection, subpoena, or admission into evidence in any court except proceedings brought under this article to compel the examination, treatment, commitment or quarantine of any person or upon the written consent of the patient, or if the patient is a minor, his parent or legal guardian.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-574, p. 904, §9.)