Section 22-12A-3

Plan to reduce infant mortality and handicapping conditions; procedure, contents, etc.

The Bureau of Maternal and Child Health under the direction of the State Board of Health shall, in coordination with the State Health Planning and Development Agency, the State Health Coordinating Council, the Alabama Council on Maternal and Infant Health and the regional and State Perinatal Advisory Committees, annually prepare a plan, consistent with the legislative intent of Section 22-12A-2, to reduce infant mortality and handicapping conditions to be presented to legislative health and finance committees prior to each regular session of the Legislature. Such a plan shall include: primary care, hospital and prenatal; secondary and tertiary levels of care both in hospital and on an out-patient basis; transportation of patients for medical services and care and follow-up and evaluation of infants through the first year of life; and optional educational programs, including pupils in schools at appropriate ages, for good perinatal care covered pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. All recommendations for expenditure of funds shall be in accord with provisions of this plan.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-761, p. 1586, §3; Acts 1981, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 81-1140, p. 417, §1.)