Section 22-2A-3

Program and procedures; exceptions; competitive bidding.

(a) The State Health Officer may develop, maintain, and implement a program and procedures to do the following: (1) Aggregate or negotiate the purchase of pharmaceuticals for pharmaceutical programs for state agencies, as defined herein, or joining a multi-state pooling initiative, or both, and (2) maximize savings, rebates, and discounts from suppliers on pharmaceutical purchases under any pharmaceutical program enumerated in this chapter. The State Board of Health shall promulgate rules and regulations for the purpose of implementing this chapter with the approval of the chief executive officers of the departments and agencies administering a pharmaceutical program.

(b) Subdivision (1) of subsection (a) shall not apply to state insurance plans that provide reimbursement for the purchase of pharmaceuticals to public employees.

(c) All purchase contracts for pharmaceuticals for pharmaceutical programs for state agencies shall be subject to the applicable state competitive bid requirements and procedures.

(Act 2002-494, p. 1262, §3.)