Section 22-3-10

Tax to establish and maintain county health officer and health department.

The county commission of each county shall in its discretion be authorized to levy annually a special county tax, being a part of the general county tax of one half of one per centum per annum, in an amount sufficient to establish and maintain a full-time county health officer and county health department and for the prosecution of public health work within the county. The proceeds of said tax, when levied and collected, shall be placed in a separate fund and shall be used for no other purpose except that for which said tax is levied and collected. Such tax, and the proceeds thereof, may be anticipated by temporary loan certificates, and, when anticipated, all of such proceeds shall be deposited in the special county health fund or shall be deposited to the credit of the State Health Officer for the exclusive use of the maintenance of a full-time county health officer and full-time county health department within the county. This section is not exclusive, but is cumulative and remedial, and it shall not be construed to interfere with counties now operating or desiring to operate under mandatory laws relating to full-time health service.

(Acts 1935, No. 239, p. 631; Code 1940, T. 22, §5.)