Section 22-3-8

County quarantine officers.

There shall be in each county having no health officer a county quarantine officer, who shall be a licensed physician and who shall be appointed by the State Committee of Public Health on the recommendation of the county board of health, whose tenure of office shall expire on the election of a county health officer; provided, that in no event shall his term of office extend more than three years from the date of his appointment; and provided further, that the State Committee of Public Health shall have power to remove a quarantine officer at any time, in its judgment, the public good requires such removal. The salary of the county quarantine officer shall be fixed, at not exceeding $125.00 per month, by the county commission and shall be paid in monthly installments from funds available to the county for this purpose. The county quarantine officer shall, under the supervision and control of the state health officer and county board of health, perform all the duties in connection with the isolation, quarantine and control of cases of infectious and contagious diseases that are required of full-time county health officers.

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