Section 22-3A-15

Disposition of proceeds of bonds; Public Health Facilities Building Fund; powers of authority; improvement and construction defined; supervision; bidding.

(a) The proceeds of the bonds, other than refunding bonds, remaining after paying the expenses of their sale and issuance shall be turned in to the State Treasury and all income derived from the investment of said proceeds (including income from the investment of proceeds held in the Debt Service Reserve Fund to the extent provided in the resolution, trust indenture or other documents pursuant to which the bonds shall be issued) shall be carried in a special fund to be designated the Public Health Facilities Building Fund, and shall be subject to be drawn on by the authority for the purpose of paying the costs of acquiring, constructing, improving and equipping such public health facilities in the state as shall be determined by the authority. Subject to the provisions of Section 22-3A-19, the authority shall have the power (i) to determine the location of the public health facilities to be acquired, constructed, improved or equipped with the proceeds of bonds issued pursuant to this chapter, (ii) to determine the kind, design and quality of the facilities to be so acquired or constructed or the kind, design and quality of the improvements to be made thereto or equipment to be provided therefor, and (iii) the amounts of bond proceeds to be respectively expended with respect to such facilities, including the power to acquire, construct, improve or equip facilities that are not listed in Section 22-3A-19 and, with respect to facilities that are listed in said Section 22-3A-19, to change the amount of bond proceeds to be expended therefor to amounts other than the amounts specified in said Section 22-3A-19. The authority is authorized to contract with the State Board of Health or, with the concurrence of the State Board of Health, to contract directly with county board(s) of health, with respect to the use of bond proceeds to provide public health facilities.

(b) The improvement of a facility shall be deemed to include the alteration, modification, renovation, modernization, remodeling, and equipping thereof and the construction of additions thereto; and the construction of a facility shall be deemed to include the acquisition of real estate sites and equipment therefor. Equipment shall mean any item of personal property having a useful life estimated by the authority to be at least 10 years.

(c) The preparation of all plans and specifications for any building, or capital improvements to a building, constructed wholly or in part with any of the proceeds from the sale of the bonds and all work done hereunder in constructing buildings and capital improvements thereto shall be supervised by the Division of Construction Management within the Department of Finance, or any agency that may be designated by the Legislature as its successor. All work done in the construction of buildings and all purchases of equipment shall be made on the basis of competitive bidding in the manner provided by law.

(d) Any moneys remaining on deposit in the Public Health Facilities Building Fund upon completion of the authority's program for the acquisition, construction and improvement of public health facilities and the payment of all costs in connection therewith shall be applied to the redemption of bonds on the earliest date on which they are by their terms subject to redemption.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-598, §15.)