Section 22-3A-4


To become a corporation, the State Health Officer, the Governor or his designee, the Finance Director of the state, the State Treasurer, the member representing the House of Representatives, and the member representing the Senate shall present to the Secretary of State an application signed by them which shall set forth:

(1) The name, official designation, and official residence of each of the applicants;
(2) The date on which each applicant was inducted or elected into office and the term of office of each applicant;
(3) The name of the proposed corporation, which shall be the Alabama Public Health Finance Authority;
(4) The location of the principal office of the proposed corporation; and
(5) Any other matter relating to the incorporation which the applicants may choose to insert and which is not inconsistent with this chapter.
The application shall be subscribed and sworn to by each of the applicants before an officer authorized to take acknowledgments to deeds. The Secretary of State shall examine the application and if he finds that it substantially complies with the requirements of this section of this chapter, he shall receive, file and record it in an appropriate book of records in his office.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-598, §4.)