Section 22-4-32


For purposes of this article, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

(1) CERTIFICATE OF NEED REVIEW BOARD. The board which reviews all certificate of need applications as provided in Section 22-21-260(14).

(2) COVERED HEALTH CARE REPORTER. The term includes health care facilities as that term is defined in Section 22-21-260(6); new institutional health services subject to review as defined in Section 22-21-263; a facility or institution for the care or treatment of any kind of mental or emotional illness or substance abuse or for providing services to persons with intellectual disabilities as defined in Section 22-50-17; and facilities and distinct units as defined in Section 22-21-263(c).

(3) HEALTH CARE REPORTS. The written reports to SHPDA which are required to be submitted by this article.

(4) HEALTH CARE INFORMATION AND DATA ADVISORY COUNCIL. The body created by this article which is charged with advising and participating in the writing of rules necessary to implement this article and reviewing reports prior to dissemination by SHPDA.

(5) SHPDA. The State Health Planning and Development Agency.

(6) STATE HEALTH COORDINATING COUNCIL. The council which is defined in Section 22-21-260(15).

(Act 2015-471, §3.)