Section 22-4-39

Use of information.

(a) SHPDA shall utilize the data and information received from covered health care reporters for the benefit of the public and public officials. The data and information obtained by SHPDA pursuant to this article, including a summary, shall be reported to the SHCC and the Certificate of Need Review Board at least annually.

(b) SHPDA shall follow the advice and guidance of the Health Care Information and Data Council as to what reports, publications, or studies may be compiled using the data required to be collected in this article.

(c) All approved reports, publications, or studies prepared by SHPDA shall be public records and shall be made available to the public for a reasonable fee.

(d) Covered health care reports from individual providers shall continue to be available to the public and the SHPDA may charge a reasonable fee for copies of these reports.

(Act 2015-471, §10.)