Section 22-4A-5

Allocation and distribution of funds; purposes.

The board shall allocate the funds appropriated through the Public Health Department for Family Practice Rural Health Programs. The Health Department shall distribute the funds as allocated by the board except for sufficient amounts necessary to cover the per diem, mileage and printing cost associated with the board's activities. The board shall make allocations from the available revenue for existing Family Practice Residency Programs or any like program which may be hereafter created, provided such a program meets the criteria specified in Section 22-4A-4. The board is further authorized to allocate funds and make grants for the recruitment of physicians with such specialties necessary to meet the requirements of this chapter; to track students in physician residency specialty training programs; for the recruitment of physicians to locate in medically underserved areas; to fund health fairs for the recruitment of physicians or other medical personnel for underserved areas; to fund and provide for Medical Preceptorship Programs; to fund and provide for out of state rotations for residency training; and to fund essential studies, assessments or matters within the authority of the board.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-714, §5.)