Section 22-5-6

Executive director; application of merit system to commission employees.

(a) The Governor, upon recommendation of the commission, shall appoint an executive director of the commission. Such director shall serve as secretary of the commission and as chief administrator and executive officer of the commission, having general charge of the work of the commission under its direction.

(b) All employees presently employed by the State Commission on Physical Fitness, including the executive director, shall be encompassed within this article with no adverse effect as to salary, and shall, by virtue of this article, be considered to meet the requirements of the commission in terms of educational training and experience, and shall automatically be placed within the State Merit System with all of the rights and privileges thereof, and shall enjoy the same employment and retirement privileges and rights as the Legislature may determine from time to time, or as may otherwise be determined by law or administrative rule or regulation according to the rules and regulations of the personnel department of the State of Alabama. All new, future employees of the commission shall be required to meet the requirements of the State Merit System.

(Acts 1967, No. 215, p. 580, §3; Acts 1979, No. 79-617, p. 1087.)