Section 22-52-34

Proceedings for reevaluation and civil commitment or transfer of certain persons in custody of Department of Mental Health.

(a) Where any person is in the custody of the Department of Mental Health pursuant to the provisions of Article 4 of this chapter, the commissioner shall direct the superintendent of Bryce or Searcy Hospital or any other facility so designated by the commissioner to reevaluate the mental condition of such person for a determination as to whether or not he or she meets the minimum standards for civil commitment as defined in Section 22-52-37. Where the sentence for which said person was committed has expired and where said person meets the minimum standards for involuntary civil commitment, the commissioner or his designee is hereby authorized to petition the judges of probate of Tuscaloosa or Mobile Counties or any judge of probate where such facility exists for an order of civil commitment to the Department of Mental Health. All of the subsequent provisions of this article shall apply where the commissioner seeks such an order.

(b) Where the evaluations report that any person does not meet the minimum standards for civil commitment, the superintendent shall immediately notify in writing the commissioner of the Department of Corrections of the State of Alabama, who shall forthwith remove the person within 72 hours of receipt of such notice, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded, back to the custody of the Department of Corrections.

(Acts 1975, No. 1228, p. 2576, §5.)