Section 22-57-5

Alabama Interagency Autism Coordinating Council - Powers and duties.

The council shall have the following duties and authority:

(1) To make recommendations to the Governor regarding the designation of the lead agency.

(2) To define the roles and responsibilities of all participating agencies.

(3) To adopt rules for the internal operation of the council.

(4) To recommend to the Governor the appointment of additional members to serve on the council as deemed necessary and appropriate.

(5) To develop a long-term plan, reviewed annually, for a comprehensive statewide system of care, which, to the extent practical, is derived from scientific based research and nationally recognized best practices. The council shall provide a copy of the plan and a detailed summary of any progress toward implementation of the plan to the Governor and the Legislature on or before the 10th legislative day of each regular session. The plan should include, but not be limited to, all of the following:

a. The identification of barriers such as duplicative or fragmented policies which may require modification.

b. The development of a coordinated program of services.

c. A comprehensive fiscal review, analysis, and recommendations for state spending on programs and services for ASD.

d. The identification of annual action steps toward implementation.

(6) To ensure interagency collaboration, public participation, and mutual sharing of information to facilitate policy decisions and the implementation of a plan for a comprehensive statewide system of care to individuals with ASD.

(Act 2009-295, p. 502, §5.)