Section 22-5A-3

Duties of State Ombudsman and department.

The State Ombudsman and the department are hereby authorized to investigate complaints concerning health care, domiciliary and residential care facilities. The State Ombudsman shall promote the well-being and quality of life of long-term residential health care recipients and encourage the development of community ombudsman activities at the local level. After appropriate training and approval by the department, community ombudsmen shall be certified by the department and shall have the powers and responsibilities set forth in Sections 22-5A-4 and 22-5A-6, subject to the procedures established by the State Ombudsman pursuant to Section 22-5A-5. The State Ombudsman shall submit to the department an annual written report documenting the kinds of complaints and problems reported so that the department can make recommendations concerning needed policy, regulatory, and legislative changes.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-657, p. 1029, §3.)