Section 22-5B-6

Meetings; coordination of activities; funding.

(a) The Alabama Lifespan Respite Resource Network shall be designated as the entity to facilitate a minimum of two meetings per year for the Alabama Lifespan Respite Coalition and to coordinate activities and initiatives of the coalition and that the Alabama Lifespan Respite Coalition shall be the statewide respite coalition referred to in the Federal Lifespan Respite Care Act of 2006 (PL109-442). Alabama Respite will work in coordination with the eligible state agency, as mandated by the act, to develop a Memorandum of Agreement with the eligible state agency in order to allow Alabama to compete for federal funding.

(b) Should funding be obtained through the act, the coalition will support Alabama Respite's efforts to actively develop and continue respite-related services with funds utilized for the following mandated purposes:

(1) Development or enhancement of lifespan respite programs at state and local levels.

(2) Direct respite care services for family caregivers caring for children or adults.

(3) Respite worker and volunteer training and recruitment.

(4) Provision of information to caregivers about available respite services.

(5) Assistance to caregivers in gaining access to such services.

Optional uses of the funds may include:

(1) Training programs for Alabama's family caregivers to assist them in making informed decisions about respite care services.

(2) Other services essential to the provision of respite care as specified in the proposal process.

(3) Training and education for new caregivers.

(Act 2012-410, p. 1115, §6.)