Section 22-6-222

Citizens' advisory committee.

There shall be a citizens' advisory committee constituted to advise the integrated care network on ways the integrated care network may be more efficient in providing quality care to Medicaid beneficiaries. In addition, the advisory committee shall carry out other functions and duties assigned to it by the integrated care network and approved by the Medicaid Agency. The committee shall meet all of the following criteria:

(1) Be selected in a method established by the organization seeking to become an integrated care network, or established by an integrated care network, and approved by the Medicaid Agency.

(2) At least 20 percent of its members shall be Medicaid beneficiaries or sponsors of Medicaid beneficiaries or, if the organization has been certified as an integrated care network, at least 20 percent of its members shall be Medicaid beneficiaries enrolled in the integrated care network, or their sponsor.

(3) Include members who are representatives of organizations that are part of the Disabilities Leadership Coalition of Alabama or Alabama Arise, or their successor organizations, the Alabama chapter of AARP, the Alabama Disability Advocacy Program, the Disability Rights and Resources, The Arc of Alabama, and also include members who are non-at-risk providers that provide services to Medicaid beneficiaries through the integrated care network.

(4) Be inclusive and reflect the racial, gender, geographic, and diversity of the population served.

(5) Elect a chair.

(6) Meet at least every three months.

(Act 2015-322, §4.)