Section 22-6-227

Quality assurance committee; reporting requirements.

(a) The Medicaid Agency shall create a quality assurance committee appointed by the Medicaid Commissioner to review the care rendered through the integrated care networks. The members of the committee shall serve two-year terms. The Medicaid Agency shall promulgate a rule establishing the membership and criteria to serve on the quality assurance committee.

(b) The Medicaid Agency shall continuously evaluate the outcome and quality measures adopted by the committee pursuant to this section.

(c) The Medicaid Agency shall utilize available data systems for reporting outcome and quality measures adopted by the committee and take actions to eliminate any redundant reporting or reporting of limited value.

(d) The Medicaid Agency shall publish the information collected under this section at aggregate levels that do not disclose information otherwise protected by law. The information published shall report all of the following:

(1) Quality measures.

(2) Costs.

(3) Outcomes.

(4) Other information, as specified by the contract between the integrated care network and the Medicaid Agency, that is necessary for the Medicaid Agency to evaluate the value of health services delivered by an integrated care network.

(Act 2015-322, §9.)