Section 22-6-236

Construction and application of §§22-6-220 through 22-6-234.

All laws or parts of laws which conflict with this act are repealed. Notwithstanding the above, it is expressly declared that the provisions of Sections 22-6-220 to 22-6-234, inclusive, apply only to long-term care and integrated care networks as provided for in those sections. Therefore, Sections 22-6-220 to 22-6-234, inclusive, shall not be construed to be in conflict with or to amend, repeal, or modify any other provisions of Sections 22-6-150 to 22-6-164, inclusive, that do not expressly deal with long-term care, nor any laws and regulations that deal with care provided by regional care organizations or alternative care providers.

(Act 2015-322, §18.)