Section 22-6-40

Medicaid Agency authorized to increase financing and adjust insurance premiums for family practitioners, pediatricians and obstetricians.

The Legislature recognizes the shortage of and the decline in obstetrical care in the rural areas of the state and the hardship imposed on those who are required to travel many miles to obtain the necessary prenatal care and ultimately delivery at term. The Legislature further recognizes the high infant mortality rates that are attributed in part to inadequate care during pregnancy, delivery, and necessary care after delivery. The Legislature further recognizes that the reduction in available care and services is attributed in part to high liability insurance premiums. In recognizing the ability of the Alabama Medicaid Agency to maximize state revenues, it is the intent of the Legislature that the Alabama Medicaid Agency provide increased financing for family practitioners, pediatricians and obstetricians to increase availability of obstetrical services and to address the difference in existing insurance premiums and the amount required for obstetrical practice.

(Acts 1991, No. 91-596, p. 1099, §1.)