Section 22-6-72

Duties of State Treasurer; disposition of funds.

The State Treasurer shall invest the funds in the trust fund on the direction of the board in investments which are eligible investments for the Alabama Trust Fund as authorized by Amendment No. 450 and Amendment No. 488 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901. All interest earned on the investment of money in the trust fund shall be credited to the trust fund. The State Treasurer shall receive no fees or compensation for his or her work in complying with this provision. No funds may be transferred to the Medicaid Agency or expended by the board except as budgeted and allotted in accordance with the Budget Act and the Budget Management Act. Money contained in the trust fund at the end of any year shall not revert to the General Fund or any other fund in the State Treasury but shall remain in the trust fund until appropriated by the Legislature.

(Act 2000-772, p. 1768, §3.)