Section 22-8-7

Effect of minor's consent; liability of physicians, etc.; waiver of rights or causes of action.

(a) The consent of a minor who professes to be, but is not, a minor whose consent alone is effective to medical, dental, health or mental health services shall be deemed effective without the consent of the minor's parent or legal guardian if the physician or other person relied in good faith upon the presentations of the minor.

(b) Any physician or other person who has relied in good faith upon the representations of any persons under any of the provisions of this chapter or who acts in good faith under any of the provisions of this chapter shall not be liable for not having consent.

(c) No provision of this chapter shall be interpreted to empower any minor, mental incompetent or any other person who is not otherwise by law entitled to enter into a binding agreement to, expressly or impliedly, waive any right or cause of action arising by virtue of any treatment or procedure described in this chapter.

(Acts 1971, No. 2281, p. 3681, §7.)