Section 22-9A-11

Court reports of adoption.

(a) For each adoption decreed by a court of competent jurisdiction in this state, the court shall require the preparation of a report of adoption on a form prescribed and furnished by the State Registrar. The report shall indicate those facts necessary to locate and identify the certificate of birth of the person adopted or in the case of a person who was born in a foreign country, evidence from sources determined to be reliable by the court as to the date and place of birth of the person. The report shall provide information necessary to establish a new certificate of birth of the person adopted, identify the order of adoption, and be certified by the clerk of the court.

(b) Information necessary to prepare the report of adoption shall be furnished by each petitioner for adoption or his or her attorney. The child-placing agency or any person having knowledge of the facts shall supply the court with additional information as may be necessary to complete the report. The provision of the information shall be prerequisite to the issuance of a final decree in the matter by the court.

(c) Within 10 days of the entry of the final order of adoption, the judge or the clerk of the court shall send to the State Registrar reports of decrees of adoption, annulment of adoption, and amendments of decrees of adoption together with related reports as the State Registrar may require.

(d) When the State Registrar receives a report of adoption, annulment of adoption, or amendment of a decree of adoption for a person born outside this state, he or she shall forward the report to the State Registrar in the state of birth, the District of Columbia, or the territory of the United States, or if the child was born in Canada, to the appropriate registration authority in that country. If the birth occurred in a foreign country, and the child was not a citizen of the United States at the time of birth, the State Registrar shall prepare a "CERTIFICATE OF FOREIGN BIRTH" as provided in Section 22-9A-12.

(Acts 1992, No. 92-607, p. 1255, §11.)