Section 22-9A-3

Appointment of State Registrar of Vital Statistics; duties of State Registrar.

(a) The board shall appoint the State Registrar of Vital Statistics, hereinafter referred to as "State Registrar," in accordance with procedures and practices of the State Personnel Board.

(b) The State Registrar shall perform each of the following functions:

(1) Administer and enforce this chapter and the rules issued hereunder, and issue instructions for the efficient administration of the system of vital statistics.

(2) Direct and supervise the system of vital statistics and the Office of Vital Statistics and be custodian of its records.

(3) Direct, supervise, and control the activities of all persons when they are engaged in activities pertaining to the operation of the system of vital statistics.

(4) Conduct training programs to promote uniformity of policy and procedures throughout the state in matters pertaining to the system of vital statistics.

(5) With the approval of the board, prescribe, furnish, and distribute forms as are required by this chapter and the rules issued hereunder, or prescribe other means for transmission of data as will accomplish the purpose of complete and accurate reporting and registration.

(6) Prepare and publish reports of vital statistics of this state and other reports as may be required by the board.

(7) Provide to local health departments copies of or data derived from certificates and reports required under this chapter, as he or she shall determine are necessary for local health department planning and program activities. The State Registrar shall establish a schedule with each local health department for transmittal of the copies or data. The copies or data shall remain the property of the Office of Vital Statistics, and the uses which may be made of the copies or data shall be governed by the State Registrar.

(c) The State Registrar may delegate functions and duties vested in him or her to employees of the Office of Vital Statistics and to employees of any office established or designated under Section 22-9A-4.

(Acts 1992, No. 92-607, p. 1255, §3.)