Section 22-9A-5

Local registrars and deputy registrars of vital statistics.

(a) In each registration district, as defined in Section 22-9A-4 or as designated by the board, a local registrar and deputy registrars shall be appointed by the State Registrar upon the recommendation of the county health officer or his or her designee. All local registrars and deputy registrars shall be employees of the county health department. The local registrars and deputy registrars shall be subject to the control of the State Registrar when they are performing functions relating to the system of vital statistics.

(b) Any local registrar or deputy registrar of vital statistics who fails or neglects to discharge efficiently the duties of his or her office, as set forth in this chapter, or by the rules of the board, shall be removed as local or deputy registrar by the State Registrar, and penalties may be imposed as are provided.

(c) The local registrars and their deputies shall comply with all instructions of the State Registrar and monitor compliance of others with this chapter and with the rules of the board.

(Acts 1992, No. 92-607, p. 1255, §5.)