Section 24-1-106

Public hearings and application to Secretary of State required for incorporation or change in area of operation.

The governing body of a county shall not adopt any resolution authorized by Sections 24-1-102, 24-1-104, or 24-1-105 unless a public hearing has first been held which shall conform, except as otherwise provided in this article, to the requirements of this chapter for hearings to determine the need for a housing authority of a county; provided, that such hearings may be held by the governing body without a petition therefor. No housing authority shall constitute a body corporate and politic under this article until the commissioners of such authority have filed and recorded an application therefor with the Secretary of State, which shall conform, insofar as may be applicable, to the provisions of this chapter for the making, filing, and recording of an application with the Secretary of State by the commissioners of a housing authority created for a county; provided, that any such application filed and recorded under this article shall set forth that the public hearing or hearings, as required by this article, have been held. In connection with the issuance of bonds or the incurring of other obligations, a regional housing authority may covenant as to limitations on its right to adopt resolutions relating to the increase or decrease of its area of operation.

(Acts 1943, No. 541, p. 512, §5.)