Section 24-1-32

Form, denominations, terms, etc., of bonds; sale of bonds; issuance of interim certificates, etc.

The bonds of the authority shall be authorized by its resolution and shall be issued in one or more series and shall bear such date or dates, mature at such time or times, not exceeding 60 years from their respective dates, bear interest at such rate or rates, per annum payable at the time or times, be in such denominations, which may be made interchangeable, be in such form, either coupon or registered, carry such registration privileges, be executed in such manner, be payable in such medium of payment, at such place or places, and be subject to such terms of redemption, with or without premium, as such resolution or its trust indenture or mortgage may provide. The bonds shall be sold by public or private sale as determined by the authority. Any public sale of bonds shall be conducted after notice published, at least 10 days prior to the sale in a newspaper published in the city in which the authority was incorporated to serve and in a financial newspaper published in the City of New York, New York, or posted electronically on a website or other electronic or Internet service reasonably expected to be available to potential purchasers of the bonds. The bonds may be sold at such price or prices as the authority shall determine. Pending the authorization, preparation, execution or delivery of definitive bonds the authority may issue interim certificates, or other temporary obligations to the purchaser of such bonds. Such interim certificates, or other temporary obligations, shall be in such form, contain such terms, conditions and provisions, bear such date or dates and evidence such agreements relating to their discharge or payment or the delivery of definitive bonds as the authority may by resolution, trust indenture or mortgage determine. In case any of the officers whose signatures appear on any bonds or coupons shall cease to be such officers before the delivery of such bonds, such signatures shall, nevertheless, be valid and sufficient for all purposes, the same as if they had remained in office until such delivery. The authority shall have power, out of any funds available therefor, to purchase any bonds issued by it at a price not more than the principal amount thereof and the accrued interest. All bonds so purchased shall be cancelled. This section shall not apply to the redemption of bonds. Any provision of any law to the contrary notwithstanding, any bonds, interim certificates or other obligations issued pursuant to this article are hereby declared to be negotiable instruments.

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