Section 24-1-37

Remedies of obligee of authority generally.

An obligee of the authority shall have the right, in addition to all other rights which may be conferred on such obligee, subject only to any contractual restrictions binding upon such obligee:

(1) By mandamus, or civil action, both of which may be joined in one action, to compel the authority, and the commissioners, officers, agents, or employees thereof, to perform each and every term, provision, and covenant contained in any contract of the authority, and to require the carrying out of any or all covenants and agreements of the authority and the fulfillment of all duties imposed upon the authority by this article.

(2) By civil action to enjoin any acts or things which may be unlawful or the violation of any of the rights of such obligee of the authority.

(3) By civil action in any court of competent jurisdiction to cause possession of any housing project, or any part thereof, to be surrendered to any obligee having the right to such possession pursuant to any contract of the authority.

(Acts 1935, No. 56, p. 126; Code 1940, T. 25, §22.)