Section 24-1-7

Creation, etc., of certain housing authorities validated.

(a) The creation, establishment and organization of housing authorities that have issued bonds under the provisions of this title, together with all proceedings, acts and things undertaken or done with reference thereto, prior to July 7, 1943, are hereby validated and declared legal in all respects.

(b) The creation and establishment of housing authorities pursuant to, or purporting to be pursuant to, the provisions of this title and laws amendatory thereto, together with all proceedings, acts and things undertaken, performed or done with reference thereto (including the appointment of commissioners, officers, and employees), prior to September 9, 1955, are hereby validated, ratified, confirmed, approved, and declared legal in all respects, notwithstanding any want of statutory authority or defect or irregularity in such acts or proceedings. Said housing authorities are hereby declared to have been and to be legally constituted and to be bodies corporate and politic with all the powers, rights, and duties set forth in the Housing Authorities Law.

(Acts 1943, No. 465, p. 428, §1; Acts 1955, No. 555, p. 1216, §1.)