Section 24-1-73

Contracts, etc., with federal government for construction, etc., of housing projects.

In addition to the powers conferred upon the authority by other provisions of this article, the authority is empowered to borrow money or accept grants from the federal government for or in aid of the construction of any housing project which such authority is authorized by this article to undertake, to take over any land acquired by the federal government for the construction of a housing project, to take over or lease or manage any housing project constructed or owned by the federal government and, to this end, to enter into such contracts, mortgages, trust indentures, leases, or other agreements as the federal government may require, including agreements that the federal government shall have the right to supervise and approve the construction, maintenance, and operation of such housing project. It is the purpose and intent of this article to authorize every authority to do any and all things necessary to secure the financial aid and the cooperation of the federal government in the construction, maintenance, and operation of any housing project which the authority is empowered by this article to undertake.

(Code 1940, T. 25, §53.)