Section 24-1-81

Low income housing in rural areas.

Without limiting the generality of other provisions of this article, a county housing authority is empowered to borrow money, accept grants, and exercise its other powers under this article to provide housing for persons of low income in rural areas. The undertaking of the construction of any dwelling or dwellings under this section shall constitute a "housing project" within the meaning of this article. To these ends, the county housing authority is authorized to enter into such long-term leases or purchase agreements or otherwise to rent or sell housing to persons of low income in rural areas as such county authority deems necessary in order to assure the achievement of the objectives of this article. Such leases or agreements may include such covenants as the county authority deems appropriate regarding the dwelling or dwellings, and the tracts contiguous thereto, which covenants, notwithstanding any rule of law to the contrary, may be made to run with the land where the county authority deems it necessary. The owner of any land on which an unsanitary and unsafe dwelling or dwellings are located may file an application with the county authority requesting that it provide for the construction of a safe and sanitary dwelling or dwellings for persons of low income to be located on said land, or that portion thereof, to be conveyed by said owner to the county housing authority.

(Code 1940, T. 25, §55.)