Section 24-10-8

Alabama Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee - Composition; expenses; staff.

(a) There is created the Alabama Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee for the purpose of advising the Director of ADECA and staff of the department with respect to the Alabama Housing Trust Fund.

(b) The membership of the advisory committee shall be inclusive and reflect the racial, gender, geographic, urban/rural and economic diversity of the state. The advisory committee shall annually report to the Legislature by the second legislative day of each regular session the extent to which the advisory committee has complied with the diversity provisions provided for in this chapter.

(c) Each member of the advisory committee should have a demonstrated interest in the housing needs of individuals and families with extremely low incomes to incomes at 60 percent of median family income and the revitalization of distressed neighborhoods.

(d) The advisory committee shall consist of 16 members and shall include one representative member from the following organizations and the following additional appointments:

(1) The Alabama House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House.

(2) The Alabama Senate appointed by the Senate President Pro Tempore.

(3) The Lieutenant Governor or his or her designee.

(4) The Alabama Association of Habitat Affiliates.

(5) The Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama.

(6) The Community Action Association of Alabama.

(7) The Alabama Alliance to End Homelessness.

(8) The Alabama Department of Mental Health.

(9) The Alabama Association of Realtors.

(10) The Governor's Statewide Interagency Council on Homelessness.

(11) The Home Builders Association of Alabama.

(12) A member appointed by the Independent Living Resources of Greater Birmingham, Montgomery Center for Independent Living, and Independent Living Center of Mobile.

(13) The Alabama Council for Affordable and Rural Housing.

(14) The Alabama Bankers Association.

(15) An individual whose income does not exceed 60 percent of the state median family income appointed by the Governor.

(16) The Alabama Manufactured Housing Association.

(e) To avoid a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, no sitting committee organization may apply for trust fund dollars during its time on the committee. If an affiliate organization applies for funding, the related committee organization will recuse itself from any discussion or voting on the application.

(f) The term of office of each member of the advisory committee shall be three years. In order to stagger the terms of the members, the initial members of the committee shall draw lots as follows:

(1) Six shall be appointed each for a term of one year.

(2) Five each for a term of two years.

(3) Five each for a term of three years.

No member shall serve more than two consecutive three-year terms, without interruption in service of at least three years.

(g) Each term on the advisory committee shall expire on September 30 of the year in which the term expires. When this occurs, the director or the elected official responsible for appointing the position shall appoint a new member or reappoint the current member. If a vacancy occurs within 90 days of the vacancy, the director shall appoint a replacement to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term.

(h) The director may remove a member of the advisory committee only for neglect of duty, an unexcused failure to attend more than one of the regularly scheduled meetings held in a calendar year during the term in office of the member, malfeasance, violation of this chapter, or conviction of a felony.

(i) Members of the advisory committee shall receive reimbursement for expenses incurred in the performance of duties as approved by the ADECA Director.

(j) If necessary, ADECA may employ staff to assist the advisory committee in the performance of its functions.

(Act 2012-384, p. 1015, §8.)