Section 24-10-9

Alabama Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee - Responsibilities.

The committee's responsibilities shall include the following:

(1) Review and advise ADECA staff on all policies and procedures for operation of the Alabama Housing Trust Fund including, but not limited to:

a. Development of a process for making awards from the trust fund.

b. Development of policies and rules for operating the trust fund including priorities for making awards and criteria for evaluating applications, and delineation of all compliance and reporting responsibility of fund recipients.

(2) Review and advise ADECA staff on the collection and presentation of data on the use and impact of the trust fund and the preparation of an annual performance report to be submitted to the Legislature, Governor, and the public.

(3) Pursue additional sources of revenue in addition to that prescribed by this chapter.

(4) Ensure that the dedicated resources alleviate the housing crisis for Alabamians by assisting individuals and families with incomes at or below 60 percent of the median family income and targeting hard-to-serve, special needs populations that include individuals who are:

a. Disabled.

b. Elderly.

c. Victims of domestic violence.

d. Veterans.

e. Homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless.

f. Living with an intellectual disability.

g. Living with HIV/AIDS.

h. Mentally ill.

(5) Prepare, in collaboration with ADECA staff, an annual review of the rules, compliance responsibilities, set-asides, funding priorities, policies, funding recommendations and decisions, including any recommended changes to the operation of the trust fund. This review shall be presented to the Director of ADECA for final approval.

(6) The advisory committee shall elect from its membership a chair, vice chair, and secretary. The advisory committee shall adopt rules to govern its proceedings. A majority of the appointed membership of the committee shall constitute a quorum for all meetings.

(7) The advisory committee shall meet within 30 days after a majority of its first members is appointed, and thereafter shall hold regular meetings. Minutes of each meeting of the advisory committee, recording the members present and the business taken, shall be signed and kept by the secretary or an assistant secretary appointed by the advisory committee.

(Act 2012-384, p. 1015, §9.)