Section 24-1A-41.1

Legislative intent.

(a) In order to offset the adverse effects of the global and national recession on Alabama's housing industry and its economic development activity and to provide a boost to the state's housing industry and its economic development and industrial recruitment, the Legislature adopted the Alabama Home Buyers Initiative Act, codified as Sections 24-1A-40 to 24-1A-43, inclusive, which established a mortgage guarantee fund to reimburse investors for a portion of any foreclosure losses suffered as a result of purchasing qualified mortgage loans on eligible properties located within the State of Alabama.

(b) Pursuant to the act, six million dollars ($6,000,000) was appropriated and irrevocably deposited in the mortgage guarantee fund. The fund is held by the State Treasurer and administered by the Alabama Housing Finance Authority, a public corporation and instrumentality of the State of Alabama.

(c) It is hereby found and determined that, due to dramatic changes in the mortgage industry during the recent economic crisis, no qualified mortgage loans have been purchased by investors under the act, and no such loans are reasonably expected to be purchased in the future, and as a result, none of the money appropriated by the act and deposited in the mortgage guarantee fund has been deployed for its initial purposes.

(d) Therefore, in accordance with the original intent of Section 24-1A-43, the Legislature intends to make the funds on deposit in the mortgage guarantee fund available for alternative housing programs.

(Act 2014-88, p. 141, §1.)