Section 24-5-13

Enforcement of article; local ordinances providing for inspection of manufactured homes.

(a) No person may interfere, obstruct, or hinder an authorized representative of the commission who displays proper commission credentials in the performance of his or her duties as set forth in this article.

(b) In the performance of its duties, the commission, or any of its duly authorized representatives , may enter and inspect, at any reasonable time, any place or establishment where manufactured homes are manufactured, sold, or offered for sale, for the purpose of ascertaining whether the requirements of this article and the regulations of the commission have been met.

(c) Nothing in this article shall prevent the governing authority of any county or municipal corporation from adopting ordinances or resolutions providing for the inspection of manufactured homes sold or placed within its limits and to provide penalties for violations thereof, but no such ordinance or resolution shall conflict with any power or authority of the commission, or its duly authorized representatives. Any manufactured home which has been inspected and approved in accordance with this article is not required to comply with any local ordinances in conflict with this article.

(Acts 1971, No. 1938, p. 3129, §12; Act 2009-37, p. 130, §3.)